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Starshine started this conversation

I wanted to go to Switerzland and Hawaii. I love to go to the beach, drive along the coast highway. Mom and I were to take a southwestern trip going to Sedonna, Taos, New Mexico and to parts of Texas. We had it all planned out then Sunday came to even drive to this place where she played golf she was tired. I love to go back to the mountains and see Fawnskin plus Big Bear.

I wanted to do so many things. I love to draw, play the guitar, wanted to be a professional organizer as I hate clutter, be a person who had the money to help others and just to be able to go to work like I did long ago, working with others..I am tired of trying to make a living from home. And not making end meet.

I am ready to cancel the insurance on my car that I loved to drive which someone's hubby was to come over to look at or others never happened. I feel down and just tired today..I am thinking of going to dial up the internet to save money. And if I had my car was left alone on the way I had to eat I managed to make a living and have a life. Now I am older than I want to be it is tough..I have no idea how I am going to manage.

I want promises not to be broken for everyone and me..

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 in response to storm747...   

I hope things get better..and our dreams come true..I too want to find a job and have friends again plus get my cat to the vet.And to talk about horse get back on I love to ride a horse again. Catch you later and good luck..

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I would love to go to the Uk and Scotland. I just have it so hard at the moment being without a job and funds and my marriage over. But I know that I have to be strong and get back on my horse because I know that someday I will be in the UK and my beloved Scotland where my heart is.

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